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Bar:Musque offers an extensive array of beverage options including but not limited to gin, cocktails, wine, whisk(e)y, champagne and beers.

Supporting local, interstate and overseas wineries, brewers and distillers

means we can offer our guests a truly unique experience.


Showcasing 400+ bottles from around the world,

our 'Great Wall of Gin' has become a must see when in the Barossa. 

Since its inception, the most common question we’ve been asked is “Can we taste some gin?”

Our response, “Absolutely!”

That’s why we’ve created ‘Expressions of Juniper’ 

With 9 different expressions to choose from, you won’t be disappointed.

Each expression is served as an interactive and self guided journey for two,

inclusive of 5 gins (30ml each), tonic, soda water, ice and garnishes.


A great cocktail is all about the balance between the elements;

alcohol, strength, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, temperature and texture.

We are passionate about delivering flavour dimensions, excited by the idea of mixing spirits, wines and liqueurs into new potations and creating memorable experiences for our guests. Come and indulge yourself. 


Indulge your senses and take the road less travelled...

high or low, the choice is entirely yours.

Welcome to the 'Wee Wall of Drams', offering ‘Expressions of Grain 

We’ve got six different expressions to choose from, with each being served as an interactive and self guided

journey for two, inclusive of 5 drams served neat with ice and premium water on the side. 

Champagne, Wine, Beers and more...

We really do love a good line up!

Whether you're popping one of our 30 Champagne houses for a celebration,

pulling corks on big Barossa reds, looking for unique varietals, fancy a cold pint or want to

crack a can, we've definitely got you covered!

Our amazing beverage list is hand written on our blackboards and updated on almost a daily basis,

therefor we are unable to upload to our website.

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