At Musque Food & Wine,

we are all about indulging your senses & taking the road less travelled. 

Since creating a 'Wall of Gin' the most common question we get  

asked is "can we taste some gin?"  Our response... absolutely you can,

that's why we've created Expressions of Juniper. 


There are 8 different Expressions to choose from...

Each Expression is served as an interactive & self guided journey for 2,

inclusive of 5 gins (30ml each) some tonics, soda water, ice, garnishes & 2 glasses

#1 Taste of South Australia

It's official, the best gin in the world is from SA...we may be biased, but you are here anyway, so why not!

According to SA Tourism, gin is the word on everyones lips; they even put together the 'Great South Australian Gin Guide'.  We'll select 5 gins from across our great state showcasing different regions; the only travelling you need to do is to take a seat & let the journey unfold... $75

#2 High & Dry Around the World

Our selection of the classic style gin that is the London Dry.

It's just not true...London Dry is a style & dictated to by place.  To prove a point, the 5 gins selected are from around the world all made in the London Dry style.  As you sip, imagine a classic martini or gimlet.  You decide what goes best as a G&T; experiment with garnishes & tonics provided... $75

#3 Where'd I Park Me Ship

This is the best of the seafaring world, after 5 of these babies your ship could be anywhere...!

You guessed it; the 5 gins coming your way are all Navy Strength.  We do have the British Navy to thank for this style...gin was only allowed on board if it passed the simple test of making sure the gunpowder would still ignite should gin be accidentally spilled whilst being slurped!  That's a whopping 57% ABV... No wonder you've lost ya ship!  We recommend getting a taxi home instead... $100

#4 Sweet & Innocent

That's for you to decide, maybe take it Sloe...

Just saying, should you have a bit of a sweet tooth, these 5 gins may be for you. 

Think luscious tropical fruits & berries tempered with hints of crisp citrus & spice. 

In some instances we'd even go as far as saying wicked dark chocolate...

We'll let you decide... $85

#5 Take One for the Team

Don't ask - just drink!  You've all been there, we've all done it, but have you paid for it...

It's unplanned, spontaneous & just seems to happen.

You'll have to trust us with this one.

Five great gins of our choice...

Are you game enough? $85

#6 The Rare & Unique

Let's step outside of the box - think along the lines of smoked, hemp, mezcal, coriander, seaweed, sugar kelp, nettles, just to name a few...some of us are also hard to find, where in the world do we come from?!

You'll have to trust us with this one as well - let us pick for you some of our favourite wonders from the careful, you may find something you really like... $100

#7 Wanna get Grained & Toasted

Almost back to the beginning...think distilled, malted, spirit, botanicals & barrel ageing...

A cross between a whisk(e)y & a gin; barrel aged gins add depth to cocktails & make great sippers.  The notion of sticking gin in a barrel isn't new, it dates back to the 18th & early 19th centuries when oak was used to ship & store the spirit rather than use breakable or more expensive containers.  The 5 gins chosen for this journey just happen to span continents... $95

#8 Full House

It's a little like poker, five of a kind & everyone's a winner...

Take a seat, we're visiting 5 Australian Capital Cities, & you don't even need to leave the picturesque Barossa.  The Australian Distilling Co. have captured the unique essence of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney. 

Sit back, unwind & enjoy $70

Five gins selected for 'A Taste of South Australia'...

Here, you travel through the Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island, Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale & Adelaide

The top tier is all about the garnish,

we will give a you selection of dried & fresh fruits,

herbs & spices to experiment with...

This card is for you to take home, we will write down our 5 choices of gin for the Expression you have chosen so you know exactly what you are tasting & in what order.



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